M2WEB Views

  The M2Web filtering feature is enabled for all the M2Web views   

List view

The list view provides a clear & quick summary of all the Ewons and their status.
Some additional columns can be added to customize your list view and list important information.

Card view

The card view allows better identification of your Ewon.

The card view displays a rapid summary of the Ewon information and provides a direct connection link to the listed devices behind your Ewon.

Each Ewon ID Card provides additional information and extra details.

KPI view

The KPI view allows you to display the KPIs fowarded by the Ewon Flexy to the Talk2M platform. (Max 6 KPIs)

These parameters can also forward their alarm state that will be displayed in yellow (HI/LO) or red (LOLO/HIHI) 

Map view

The map view will display the location of your machines and the status of their connection or alarm state.
Map view can be enabled for any device and doesn't require any GPS capabilities on your Ewon.