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Industrial remote connectivity and IIoT data solutions

Industrial remote access

Easily implement secure remote access to your machines. Effortlessly and securely connect to your industrial equipment from anywhere, ensuring maximum efficiency, minimizing downtime, and fostering sustainability. 

Industrial data monitoring

Harness IIoT data & monitor machine performance to boost productivity! With alarms, KPIs and intuitive dashboards, easily deploy advanced applications such as proactive monitoring or even preventive maintenance.

IIoT Gateways


The Cosy+, Ewon's flagship remote access gateway, establishes a secure VPN connection between the machine (PLC, HMI, or other devices) and yourself, from anywhere, at any time. 


On top of remote access, the Flexy IIoT data gateway enables data collection from any machine. Its extension cards allow to keep up with the evolution of communication technologies.


Netbiter gateways enable efficient remote connectivity to energy generation systems in the field. Easily & securely connect to your field assets via Modbus, EtherNet/IP or CAN.

IIoT Clouds


Working together with the Cosy+ or Flexy gateways, Talk2m acts as a secure bridge between you and your machines. Talk2m includes smart data monitoring tools as well as powerful APIs. 


Coupled with Netbiter gateways, Argos is a complete IIoT cloud consisting of dashboards, alarms, reports and much more, to remotely manage energy generation systems in the field. 

IIoT Software


Centralize & visualize collected data to get valuable information almost in real time. Key features are the visualization and control of processes, but also the analysis and prediction of events.


i4scada is 100% web-based SCADA and HMI software. It allows you to create modern process visualizations in individual designs for various machines, systems and production plants.