What's in the box ?

This starter kit includes the following items:

  1 x Cosy+ WiFi gateway and its antenna
  1 x USB key to ease the device configuration
  2 x RJ45 network cables
  1 x power supply (with adapters)
  1 x Remote Access Startup Guide

The Remote Access Starter Kit

Before starting to unbox & install your new Cosy+

Please note that the reference label of your starter kit also includes the serial number of your Cosy+

Additionals labels as the FSC and PAP 20 are also present to inform you about our recent effort to transform our production into something more suistainable and responsible  


On the left, your new Cosy+ WiFi (EF7133J)
On the right, the pre-wired power supply

The Cosy+ WiFi (EC7133J)

Inside the Cosy+ WiFi box, you will find:

- The Cosy+ WiFi (EC7133J)
- The WiFi antenna
- Legal & Safety references
- The USB* stick (used for the commisoning)

Note: Only provided with the starter kit 

Accesories - PART I

Under the Cosy+ box, you will discover the Remote Access Startup Guide

The power supply and additional accessories are also present in this box

The Power Supply

The power supply is pre-wired for your Cosy+ WiFi

This power supply is also delivered with 3 regional adapters (EU-UK-US)

Output Voltage: 24 VDC
Output current: 1000 mA

Extra accesories - PART II

Under the spacer, you will find RJ45 cables to link your Cosy+ to the Internet or your LAN devices

Default Cosy+ ethernet port configuration:

Ethernet Port 1,2,3 for LAN devices - GREEN LED
Ethernet Port 4 for Internet -

Remote Access Startup Guide

The Remote Access Startup Guide will summarize the 4 easy steps required to Install, configure & have access to your Cosy+

This guide can be downloaded here: