On-demand remote connectivity

Remote access lets you troubleshoot your machines wherever they are deployed without going on site. Ewon devices and Talk2M, HMS’ cloud-based remote connectivity solution, make connectivity easy. Ewon industrial routers are built to fit within the automation panel and can communicate with Ethernet, serial, and USB devices. The Ewon device connects to the Internet using the local wired or WiFi network or over a cellular connection. It then initiates an outbound connection over ports that are typically open in the customer’s firewall and authenticates to the Talk2M servers.
The remote engineer uses the free VPN client software called eCatcher to log into his Talk2M account and create a fully encrypted VPN connection to the machine. When connectivity is established, the engineer can get live with automation devices exactly as if he were physically connected and run the device manufacturer’s software to perform diagnostics & troubleshooting.Talk2M adds a layer of security between you and your machines. All connections go through Talk2M, which authenticates and filters them and the administrator of the Talk2M account has the power to manage all the connectivity.
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