• Release date: 2023-11-14
  • Study time:  00:15 hours
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It's not easy choosing the right protocol for an automated process. That's why it's so important to know the basics of PROFIBUS before you make that all-important decision. In this eLearning course you'll learn the basics of PROFIBUS to help you in that decision-making process.

This training was initially developed by Procentec B.V but is now part of the HMS Academy, following Procentec's full integration into the HMS organization in 2023.
  • AB-DI-021
  • Level: BASIC
  • Access: FREE
  • Certificate: NO

Published by Anybus

Anybus is a product brand of HMS Networks, the leading independent manufacturer of products for industrial communication.
Anybus operates as a Business Unit and is based in Halmstad, Sweden.
HMS, including Anybus, enables valuable data and insights for industrial equipment, allowing customers to increase productivity and sustainability.