What is Anybus CompactCom?

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  • Version / Date:
    V1.2, 2023-01-24
  • Study time:
    2:30 hours
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  • Level: BASIC
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This course is for everyone who asks “What is Anybus CompactCom?”. The goal of the course is to provide a good understanding of the concept and the principles behind it.

So grab yourself a coffee, jump in and start by listening to our Embedded Line Director’s introduction!
Course overview
This course consists of the following sections. We recommend to step through the sections in the given order.
  • What does Industrial Communication mean?
  • The Anybus CompactCom Concept
  • The Anybus CompactCom Object Model
  • Data Exchange at Anybus CompactCom
  • Data Modelling
  • The Anybus Host Application Example Code (HAEC)
  • Customizing Device Identity
  • Starter Kits and Option Boards
  • Aspects of Network Conformance Testing
  • Firmware Update of the Anybus CompactCom 
  • Available Files and Documents for Anybus CompactCom
  • Short Quiz

Published by HMS Anybus 

Anybus is a product brand of HMS Networks, the leading independent manufacturer of products for industrial communication.
Anybus operates as a Business Unit and is based in Halmstad, Sweden.
HMS, including Anybus, enables valuable data and insights for industrial equipment, allowing customers to increase productivity and sustainability.